Sunday, September 25, 2016

It has been awhile . . .

Apparently there are a few people out there who read our blog to keep up with the current happenings of our growing abode.  I was pretty certain this was mostly a journal for me and a place for the grandparents to read about the boys.  Much to my surprise my husband said people were asking about why I hadn't written in awhile.  The bottom line is, I hate posting pictures.  To be honest I have about 20 saved posts that never made it on here because it takes too long to get the images up.  Well, this go around I have decided that posting pictures is not going to serve as a prerequisite for getting my thoughts and our family memories on here.  So here goes it. . . a new vision. . . fewer pictures. . . more words.  I guess it really is for my boys to read when they are older and raising their own little munchkins anyway :) 

So we are now a family of five: 4, 2 and brand new.  Each of them is 27 months apart.  Needless to say life is filled with joyous chaos.  One minute my boys have me laughing on the floor the next minute I am taking deep breaths while counting in order to avoid a colossal meltdown.  I am sure you can all relate right . . . if not just humor me and say yes. 
Our four year old:
Oh my Owen, he is growing up so quickly.  It seems like overnight he went from being my toddler to a little boy.  He is starting to read, counting to 100, dabbling in addition and subtraction (with lots of help from us). . . in so many ways he is ready for kindergarten. . . to bad I am not.  I don't know if I am ready to be apart from him for 6-7 hours a day.  Right now there is no one else who has more time with him.  No one knows him more intimately than I do.  I am his mamma and he needs me, right.  School feels like the beginning of that all changing.  Pretty soon, friends, teachers, girls (yikes!) will all have increasing influence over him.  It is the start of seeing our parenting in action . . . how it impacts his actions, thoughts, and choices.  No pressure right!  Anyway, I digress. . . he is one sweet, affectionate, rowdy, physical little boy.  He still loves to cuddle up on my lap and give me monster bear hugs.  The other day he told me he never wants to grow up so that he is always small enough for me to hold him.  MELT MY HEART!  He always knows how to get me. And then in the very next moment he hauls off and tackles his brother to the ground.  I can't even count how many times a day I say use your words not your hands!  When he does use his words, he is asking so many thoughtful questions now about life, marriage, growing up, working, friends. . . it is amazing watching him discover the grander world around him.  I never anticipated my four year old inquiring about who he would marry, what kind of job he would have, and where they would live.  It makes me chuckle when he get so interested in his "grown-up" life.  However most of the time, he still loves his legos, puzzles, superheroes, and minions.  He is always one step away from a make-believe world, and I love seeing how he creates story lines and ropes his younger brother into his adventures.  He is the kind of kid that can turn anything into a toy - the couch is a firetruck, space ship, tent. . . a pillow is a shield, hot lava, firepit. . . the list goes on.  This boy also loves his people.  He is constently talking about his friends Avery and "the other" Owen, he treats Norah like a sister, and his grandmas are pretty much the most important people in his world.  He constantly talks about San Diego, Aunt Bekah, and the beach.  But his absolute favorite place on Earth is Packwood.  He could live there all year, playing outdoors, swimming in the pool, and eating smores for dinner.  What kid wouldn't love that right!  It is amazing to me that in just a few months he turns five!  In 13 more years he will be off to college.  At least he wants his dad and I to move with him when he goes. . . at least he told us that the other day, we will see if it sticks. :)

Becket Boy. . . where do I start with you. . . you are ALL boy.  I am constantly on your heals saying careful, gentle, no . . dangerous . . Beckett.  I am pretty sure all the gray hairs on my head occurred after you starting walking.  Oh, but, adrenaline is good for us right!  I don't really need to go on any amusement park rides, I have you in my life to make my heart pound daily.  Even when we are alert at all times, you still find ways to get into trouble. . . like the day you climbed on the table and pushed the lights around above the kitchen table, and then an hour later I found you in the co-sleeper with your four week old brother.  I am still not sure how you climbed OVER him and squeezed your chubby little self in the remaining space on the other side.  I grab you off the bookshelves at least a dozen times a day, and we are constantly reminding you to walk rather than jump off the stairs.  Every piece of furniture is tested first as a trampoline and then as a launching pad.  Needless to say we need new couches.  You love sports . . . you want to play basketball with the big boys, you can swing a bat and hit a ball, and you love kicking around soccer balls.  We have to remind you often that balls are for throwing toys are not.  Grandpa learned that the hard way yesterday when you threw a hard toy and it hit him square in the nose.  You aren't much for cuddling, but your mamma always find ways to get snuggles.  I love how you take your chubby little hands, smash my cheeks together, and pummel my face with kisses.  You don't really do anything softly.  When you give someone a hug, you wrap your legs and arms around them and squeeze tight.  You love fiercely and deeply.  You are a guys, guy.  Your grandpa's, uncles, and daddy are all pretty special people in your life.  You often replicate what they do, fixing things with your tools, driving your truck, marching behind them whenever they are doing something around the house.  It is pretty adorable.  Your favorite little lady is still Addie May.  You two have a pretty adorable relationship blooming.  Although the minute that girl learned to stand on two feet she became fair game for rough housing and you pushed her down.  Fortunately she is tough and she now dishes it back pretty well.  Wrestling is your favorite past time and I often find you and Owen rolling around like tumble weeds.  It typically ends in tears for someone, but you guys always come back for more.  Although you were late to talk you are picking up words with great speed now.  You get so excited about life and you often have one volume when playing, loud.  You are often in character as spiderman, batman, or fireman sam.  You have the best sound effects when you shoot webs and you run around the house fighting bad guys and saving people from monsters and danger.  When you play fireman sam you love to yell "stay back", "go", "rescue"  You squat down low and throw your hand out, then you start spraying things with make believe water.  You always make sure I am safe and standing back a good distance from the danger zone.  You have really joined in on all the make-believe fun your brother creates. 
Since I am low on time and know I will be posting more about Grayson and his birth soon.  That post is going to come next.  Until then, here is a picture of life with our two older ones and of course a newborn is in the mix as well.

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