Sunday, September 25, 2016

He is 1 years old!!!

I can't believe that Beckett is ONE!!!  Typing that is forcing me to allow it to sink in a little more.  Every day he reminds me that he is quickly moving from his babyhood to toddlerhood with the continual disappearance of his adorable rolls and the increased pace of his mobility.  Although my baby is growing up, and that idea makes me a little sad, I am still sooo in love with all this stage brings.  His personality is really starting to shine through, and he is trying all sorts of new things with the confidence of all fearless toddlers.  I am sure I will try to hold these moments as long as I can, but I will also revel in the new experiences I get to have with him every day.  So here it is Beckett, the list of things that have captured our hearts and minds over the past month.

  • Beckett's growth has started to take a turn.  Although he is still tall 31 and 3/4 inches (95%), his weight gain as slowed a little.  He weighed in at 25 lbs this month as well.  Now don't be too deceived, he is still my little chunker.  He may be losing some of his rolls (which I LOVED), but this kid is still solid.  Next to another one year old, you can tell he has some serious girth.  Anyway, his weight leaves him handsomely in the 95th percentile as well. 
  • Beckett thinks he can run with the big boys.  Now that he has discovered the luxery of being on two feet he never crawls.  If anything he is trying to learn how to pick up speed.  Of course the fact that his 3 year old brother is racing around like a madman only encourages the need for faster feet.  The two of them will "race" around our staircase several times a day.  Owen typically laps Beckett several times on each trip.  But, Beckett puts forth his best effort every time arms pumping with a huge grin and the occasional giggle.  I can't deny that I have joined in on the action myself a few times!
  • Now that he is on two feet all day, he has discovered that climbing is a fun sport.  Oh, how I had forgotten the heart attacks that come from this discovery.  I am constantly finding Beckett on top of things he shouldn't be. . . standing on top of his ride toy holding onto NOTHING, standing on top of the little tikes table about to walk off the edge . . .  Don't think this takes him more than a few seconds.  Usually he goes for this during the time it takes me to walk out of one room pick up a dish and return.  Fortunately, we haven't had any major falls yet, but I am considering going for foam flooring rather than the hardwoods we currently have.
  • Since this kid has some height, he can now reach the counters.  Oh and he has seen his brother scoot random pieces of furniture and toys over to help himself to whatever it is he wants. (we are working on that).  In the meantime, I am constantly trying to keep my eye on Beckett.  No glass, plate, fork, food item is safe.  If it is missing, check the chubby hands or cheeks in the kitchen before looking anywhere else.
  • This kid loves men, especially his grandpas and his daddy.  When he wants them, they better respond or he gets the biggest, cutest sad face I have ever seen, and then he wails, LOUDLY until they come running over to get him.  It is pretty stinking cute to see these grown burly men melt and respond to the cries of this one year old.  He has them wrapped around his fingers :)
  • Outside of his grandpa's Beckett loves his brother.  It is so cute to see how is face lights up when Owen comes into the room.  He is often found playing near him and following him around the house.  He thinks the coolest place to play is in Owen's room.  And of course, he wants to play with all of Owen's cars.  He is even starting to push them around and make car noises like his big brother.  He has been taught well! :)
  • Beckett finally has a few words!!!!  He says "mama", "ball", and "bye-bye".  He technically add the last two just after he turned 12 months, but hey whats a few days really matter.  Just like we were with Owen, it was sooo fun to hear him speak, and now we try to get him to talk ALL THE TIME!  I think he has figured us out and is a little more particular about when he wants to "perform" now, but he still lights up every time we cheer and get all excited for his new attempts.  Both our boys have some pretty big cheerleaders in their corners.  Luke and I are known for making complete spectacles of ourselves to get reactions out of them.  Hopefully, they realized people in the real world may not always be this crazy.
  • Our Beckett boy is a bit stubborn.  When he wants something, the whole room knows it.  He has even started to show us his disapproval by throwing himself on the ground and crying loudly while he is sprawled out on the floor.  I think he has taken mimicking to a whole new level (thanks, Owen).  It is really hard not to laugh when he does this, especially since this occurs most often when we take away the most ridiculous items, a scrap of a paper, a crumb that really should be in the garbage instead of his mouth.  You would think we had taken away his most prized possession.  Ahh children, how they never cease to entertain. 
  • Beckett is fearless.  I think this one scares me the most.  Owen has always had a bit of a cautious side to him.  Oh, not so Beckett.  If he sees it, he thinks he can do it.  For instance, he tries walking down the stairs without holding on, he will try to dive head first into water, off the couch, or down the stairs if that is fast than turning himself around and going backwards.  He tries to leap out of our arms when he sees something on the ground he must have.  Last week he tried to climb back down the climbing wall on the playset, why, oh beause Owen did.  He goes down the big slide more often than his brother and laughs the entire way.  I am hopeful we don't ever have an ER visit with this kid, but I am really start to doubt my luck.
  • Potty training Owen has made for interesting life with Beckett as well.  This kid has a crazy fascination with the toilet.  Stop reading now if you get easily grossed out.  I cannot tell you how many times I have sprinted to get those chubby hands out of toilet water!!!!  Sick!!!  He is so fast, and Owen always leaves the lid up.  I swear he is stealthy about it.  Sneaks in their like a mouse and then I hear these little splashes and off I go running.  Any ideas out there!!!!  I have thought of a toilet lock, but Owen needs to be able to use it when he needs it.  I keep trying to tell Owen to first close the lid, and always shut the door behind him.  However, we are also simply working on making sure he has pulled up is underware and washed his hands.  At least since I spend so much time running after the messes these boys make or running to try to prevent them, I have mostly lost the baby weight without actually hitting the gym.  I guess this grossness does have some pluses. . . I guess :/

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