Sunday, September 25, 2016

10 Months

It has been a big month for our Beckett boy.  It has been exciting to see him discover the world around him and we are quickly discovering his determination.  He has had several accomplishments along the way that of course will be noted here in the blog.
  • Surpisingly Beckett weighed in at 24 lbs again this month.  Although he didn't gain any weight I am pretty certain he has grown in length.  I just didn't get a chance to measure.  However, his 12 month cloeths are starting to get short now.
  • The teething has continued with three new teeth breaking through this past month.  It was a crazy finish to the month since all three teeth came through in one week.  I can tell you now, I did not get much sleep that week!
  • Beckett took his first steps this month!  I knew he was close because he has been able to stand for greater lenghts of time and slowly squat down to the floor.  He has also increased his crusing speed and was starting to think about letting go to make longer distance transfers.  He took his first step between the otoman and couch.  My dad was there to see it, and of course I wasn't :)  Oh this kid!  However, I got to see him take his first 4-5 steps in a row.  I was getting him to stand up and then he just walked into my arms.  Needless to say, I got pretty excited. 
  • In addition to walking, Beckett can now climb up and down stairs.  Just like Owen we did a lot of praciticing and Grandma and Grandpa Walker's house on their long flights of stairs.  After one weekend he acted like an old pro.  It is crazy how fast he can get up and down those stairs now.  We now have gates at both ends of the stairs!
  • Beckett has finally started making more sounds.  He has said dadada, mamama, and bababa.  We had been watching him kind of closely since he seemed to be on the late end for this milestone.  After talking with the Dr., we think his delayed speech may be a result of his persistant ear infections.  If we can't knock out the latest infection soon we are off to the ENT to discuss options and talk about his hearing. 
  • Beckett likes to be right in the middle of the action and thinks he should get to do whatever his brother is doing.  This had made life a little challenging now that he can quickly get wherever he wants to go.  It has also made for some interesting moments since we are trying to potty train Owen.  Oh my, I can't tell you how many times I have stopped that little boy just before his chubby little fingers found their way into the toliet bowl!  I just hope this means he will be easy to potty train since he is obviously fascinated with the bathroom. 

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