Sunday, September 25, 2016

11 Months

Part of me can't believe I am writing this post already.  In just one month, my baby is going to be one years old!!!  I am in some pretty serious denial.  He tries to show me everyday how much is growing up, but I just pretend it isn't happening and that he is still my chubby not so small baby boy.  I guess when he is shoving cake in his mouth in just a few short weeks my little façade will come to an end and I will have to admit that is growing up.  On the other hand Beckett thinks he is 11 months going on 2.  He has really turned a corner in this past month and has started to really show us he is moving quickly towards being a toddler.  Oh my! 

  • Beckett is still growing like a machine.  He is now 25 lbs, just five less than his 3 year old brother, and he is solidly into 18 month clothes and could probably wear 24 months when needed.  Luke jokeingly put him in Owen's 3T pjs the other day, and he was actually able to wear them!  Seriously Beckett, I think you were only small for 2 seconds after birth.
  • This kid has become a serious kind of mobile.  His walking has started to take off this past month and now he is into everything.  It didn't take long before he started to realize that crawling was a thing of the past and he started to get up on his feet more.  Now he into everything just a brand new height.
  • He loves to watch his brother and play near him.  As a result, Beckett loves to play with cars, balls, the kitchen set (really any cabinet), and books.  If Owen is on the move, Beckett is often waddling not to far behind.  I also love the way Owen is starting to interact more with Beckett in a playful manner.  He can really get him laughing and they occasionally like to play chase.  One of their favorite things to do is have a sword fight (closely monitored of course).  They each grab a foam sword and wave it at each other.  Beckett will even be the one to instigate this play from time to time.  Owen often calls Beckett his baby.  It is so cute every time. 
  • Just before Beckett turned 11 months he waved hi and my mom even thought he tried to say it.  We haven't really been able to get him to do it again, but I am hopeful words are right around the corner.  He says mama ALL the time.  I am not sure if that is because he is a total mammas boy, I mean seriously so, or that it is just a pretty easy sound for him to make.  I am just going to say he loves his mamma :).  Other than that we still haven't gotten him to say anything beyond making tons of sounds.  However, his mimicking has started to increase and he does seem pretty fascinated by what we are saying to him especially when Owen is talking. 
  • This kiddo is determined.  When he wants to do something or go somewhere, he will do whatever he can to accomplish his goal.  So much so, that he has already started to throw mini tanturms when he doesn't get his way, oh my!.  I guess he had a good example from his brother, but still he is only 11 months!  When we pick him up and he is upset he quickly straightens out his body in hopes that he will slide out of our hands.  Really Beckett, I am not going to drop you that easily.
  • This boy could be outside all day long.  Whenever we head to the door or basement (where he also loves to play), he starts waving his little arms and legs like crazy.  He also starts saying oh oh oh oh, and showing us all his super excited face.  It is pretty cute and hard to not want to oblige whenever it is possible. 
  • This boy has really started to climb.  We have found him in all kinds of interesting spots lately.  Needless to say we need to be pretty aware of him at all times.  He showed us his skills when he proudly climbed on top of Owen's little tikes table, and it wasn't long after that that he climbed up the kids slide downstairs and stood on top like he was king of the mountain.  Now he just needs to learn how to get down from this precarious heights preferably without injury. 

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