Sunday, September 25, 2016

7 Months

Our Beckett boy is starting to grow up!  This past month has been characterized by a slew of milestones, and he is really starting to show his personality.  It has been so fun to watch him grow and become aware of the world around him.  Here are his latest accomplishments:
  • He weighs 22 lbs 11 oz, and he feels like every bit of that when we hold him.  I can't believe how big he is!  He is all rolly-poly and looks much older than his actual 7 months.
  • He is now easily sitting on his own and is practicing a slight lean/fall when he wants to get to his toys.  It is nice that he no longer has the hard crash back from time to time.
  • He is rolling both directions!!!  I think he rolled for the first time from back to tummy at 6 and 1/2 months.  It took him a couple days to figure out that rolling meant mobility, and now we can stop him.  He is all over the place!  He uses it as his main mode of transportation, and is getting to be pretty quick about it.  He only gets frustrated when he works himself into a position that he can't seem to firgure out how to get back out of (a corner of the room, lodged under furniture, etc).
  • He is up to three meals a day and really loves eating solids.  Every time I put him in his highchair and bring over the food he gets all happy and waves those little hands everywhere.  He really likes to grab at the spoon and chew on it by himself, but we try to make sure he has eaten enough food first.  His favorite food is Pears, and he seems to tolerate most other foods pretty well.  Peas seem to be the only thing that makes him gag, but he will even eat those if we keep giving him bites.
  • He has two more top teeth to add to the count.  It seemed like they took forever to come in, and now he it appears he may be working on more!  He is still chewing on everything in sight and the drolling is incesent. 
  • He is one determined little guy.  He knows what he wants and he likes to go for it.  He is reaching for everything, and usually wants the things he is not suppossed to have (mommy's phone, the computer, cords, platic bags).  Now when we take something away, he also lets us know that he is unhappy about it.  Fortunately, if we find something of equal enjoyment he is still quick to forgive and should I say become distracted. 
  • Still no hard syllabal sounds from him, but I thought I heard him say ga, ga, ga the other day.  Who knows, maybe it was just hopefull ears waiting for the first sign of a mamamama :)
  • He LOVES his brother.  Every time Owen comes into the room Beckett is all smiles and watches his every move.  Owen often returns the affection with more kisses than I can count, and of course a few rough and tumble hugs.  Now that Beckett is just a mere 6 lbs less than Owen he can usually hold his own, but we are still working diligently to teach Owen that Beckett is just a baby and he needs to use gentle hands.  Oh boys, before I know it they will be wrestling all over the place!
  • Beckett is still a momma's boy.  He loves to nurse and when he is really upset he seems to want me and will stare at me until I take him from whoever is holding him.  Oh baby, I just can't help myself and give into his cute demands usually every time. 
  • Beckett has started to mimic us.  It seems to have just begun with some of his hand movements and a few sounds here and there.  One of his favorite sounds to mimic is when we click our tounge.  He gets all excited and can't stop once we get him started.

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