Sunday, September 25, 2016

8 Months

Our Beckett boy has taken on a whole new personality as of late.  Gone are the laid back watching big brother play while chilling on mom's lap.  Beckett wants to be on the move.  He wants to be in the action.  And, he wants to play!  It is so fun to watch his personality starting to really emerge as of late.  He has totally captured our hearts in these past 8 months and we can't wait to see what he decides to do next!

Here are the latest:
  • Our big man is 22 lbs 15 oz.  Oh, how quickly he is growing!  I keep thinking he will slim out as he gets more mobile, but instead he just coninutes on with his cute chubbiness.  I don't mind one bit!  I will just continue loving his little michilian man rolls!
  • Beckett is a rolling machine.  He easily rolls both directions and uses it as his main mode of transportation.  He is becoming really quick and can get across the room to a toy in no time at all. 
  • He is also scooting in all kinds of circles and able to move backwards now.  I don't think it will be long before he crawls, but he just hasn't realized that being on all fours means even greater mobility.
  • This little guy loves to sit and can even scoot himself around on his rear end.  He especially likes to scoot himself up to the play kitchen so that he can chew on the edge while Owen pretends to cook.
  • Beckett desperately wants to stand and walk!  He loves it when we prop him up to his little play table so that he can stand like a big boy.  He can stand while holding on for quite awhile and a couple times he has even stood for a few seconds while not holding on to anything at all.  Looks like I better get ready for his next stage of mobility soon!
  • Our little guy has taking a liking to clapping.  At first I thought he wast trying to sign more, but then I quickly realized that it was a clap instead.  He especially likes to clap while we feed him which makes meal times pretty interesting.  Unlike Owen, Beckett doesn't mind being covered in baby food one bit!  I think he even likes the way it feels on his hands.  So every time we feed him he tries to clap the spoon as it is on its way to his mouth.  Makes for an interesting obstacle course each time. 
  • Now that Beckett is becoming more mobile, he is taking quite an interest in Owen's toys!  Gone are the days when Beckett would just watch and observe from the sidelines.  He despesratly wants to chew on everything, and he especially loves putting Owen's cars and trains in his mouth.  If there is one left on the ground somewhere, Beckett will spot it in no time and roll his chubby little self right on over there!  Owen has had to do a little bit of adjusting now that Beckett likes his toys just as much as he does.  At least for now, mommy is on Owen's side and tries to keep them away from Beckett as much as possible!

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