Sunday, September 25, 2016

6 Months, 1/2 a year, What!?!

Wow, it is time to do some SERIOUS catch on the blog.  My baby is 6 months old. How did that happen!?!  It has been hard to start this blog post, because it is hard to imagine that he has been with us for half a year!  I find myself just staring at him lately.  Whether I sneak in his room while he is sleeping, or just watch him try so desperately to roll over, or even just stare at him while he stares at his brother.  I just can't seem to stop looking at him.  The newborn look is completely gone and he is starting to show glimpses of little boy in his features.  Oh, how I wish I could pause time just for a little bit.  These boys have a way of making me so nostalgic.  I should dedicate a whole post to my thoughts on how quickly these boys are growing and changing!  Until then, here are my little man's latest recordable moments.
  • Our boy is big!  At his six month appointment he was 21 lbs 9 oz and ? long.  He is only 8 lbs less that Owen right now!  The Dr. told us we have a linebacker on our hands.
  • Of course since he is so big, he is now wearing 12 month clothes and occasionally 18 month clothes.  I told Luke the other day, when Owen wore these clothes, he was walking!  Our little Beckett hasn't even rolled both directions yet!  That's okay though, because his pudgy rolls are pretty much the cutest.
  • Just two weeks before Beckett turned 6 months we introduced him to solids.  It came to no surprise that he loved eating.  He had been intently watching us while we ate for a week or so and we finally decided that it was time to give him something other than breast milk.  Now he gets excited every time we put him in the high chair and he easily recognizes his bowl and spoon.  So far his favorites include rice cereal, avocado, and sweet potatoes.  He hasn't really enjoyed peas, green beans, or squash. 
  • Beckett loves to sit now.  He can now easily sit for long periods of time as he plays with his toys.  I think he enjoys sitting because he can see everything going on around him easier.  It also helps him watch his big brother as he literally runs circles around him.  I still like to be there in case he takes a tumble, but he is even starting to do a good job of falling gracefully so that the landing isn't so hard.
  • Beckett's hand coordination has really improved.  He can easily grab onto toys, switch them between hands, and of course put anything he wants into his mouth!  He is also quick to grab onto your hair, face, shirt, jewelry. . . Needless to say, if you are holding him, watch out!
  • I am kind of surprised to report that Beckett STILL hasn't rolled the other direction!  He is soooo close.  I would say he is about 75% over, but his chubby little belly and arm just keep him from getting all the way there!  I am sure it will be any day.
  • Even though he can't roll, the boy can really scoot/slither.  I am always surprised how much he moves himself around, mostly in circles, but occasionally off his blanket or mat, and into Owen territory.  He also loves to roam around his crib.  He never stays in the spot I put him in and I am always surprised at how quickly he moves around after I lay him down.
  • Beckett is still our smiley happy boy most of the time.  Poor guy, has battled a little more illness, and also seems to be SLOWLY teething (no new teeth yet), but usually he is pretty content.  His biggest concern is that he NEVER be alone.  If people walk away and he is in the room he immediately lets you know that you left him behind.  It makes it difficult when both boys want me to carry them down the stairs at the same time.  Of course they think it is most fun to lunge at each other and try to give each other kissess or in Beckett's case slobber all over Owen.
  • Beckett has become so much more curious about his surroundings.  He watches us and Owen pretty closely and he likes to be right in on the action.  He hasn't really started mimicking a ton yet, but he seems pretty close.  
  • Beckett hasn't really started to make any hard syllable sounds yet, but he is mimicking Owen's car sound.  It is like a low hummmm.  He does have a variety of screeches that seem to indicate he has found his voice :)  Oh, the sweet sounds of babies.  

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