Monday, March 17, 2014

18 Months

I am a little late in getting this written, but I still wanted to get my thoughts down on our precious toddler before it escaped my memory.  Wow, how Beckett has changed these past few months.  We have fallen in love with his personality, his cuddles and loves, and his determination and strong will.  I forgot how much I love this stage, when they are learning new things daily, pushing their boundaries, and trying out all kinds of crazy stunts.  Here are some of the things that have our Beckett boy has been up too.

  • Size. . . 
  • He has all his teeth but the last four molars.  It has been nice that they came in when he is so young because we have gone a good long stretch without teething pain.  He still seems to love to put things in his mouth though!  We have been working pretty diligently to teach him that toys and other objects don't go in his mouth.  In the past month, I have finally started to see some improvement.
  • Beckett is soooo active.  His favorite activity of all time is climbing.  He can climb to the top of our counter height table, onto every piece of furniture we own, and even onto uneven and unsteady objects like his kitchen set and tool bench.  Yes, we have found him standing on them more than once.  Yikes!!!  
  • In addition to being an over-zealous climber, this boy is fearless!!!!  Not only do we find him on heights that make me nervous, he will walk right up to the edge, then without even blinking, he will jump or free fall off and hope we catch him.  Oh that child!  He has even jumped a few times when I wasn't expecting him.  As a result, I am nursing a sore shoulder.
  • He also thinks he can do anything his brother can do.  Such as running down the small slide in the basement, riding Owen's Strider bike, and drinking out of a big boy cup.  The list could go on and on. I it is hard to communicate with him that he just isn't quite big enough yet.  Instead, we have tried to find ways to help him accomplish his goals.  
  • He is talking!!!! When Beckett turned a year, his slower speech development was on our radar.  He had a few words, but not really many.  As a result, we were entertaining the idea of speech therapy.  However, just around 14 - 15 months, Beckett's speech started to take off.  He quickly went from a short list of four words to 40.  He all of a sudden started mimicking and trying out new words almost daily.  He even has a few two-word phrases now, "luv you", "go downstairs", "that's mine".  It makes me smile hearing him talk, and I just love the way he says many of his words.  
  • Beckett loves his cousin Addie May.  Oh my goodness, it is adorable.  He is constantly saying her name, and whenever she comes to visit, he goes absolutely crazy from the minute he sees her car.  He screeches so loudly that it makes her cry every single time!  Then he showers her with kisses and hugs and follows the person around that is holding her until he has had a turn.  He will stay playing with her as long as she allows, and fortunately she is pretty tolerant of him.  Oh how I hope these two stay the best of friends.
  • When Beckett desires to give you hugs and kisses, it is the most precious wonderful thing ever.  He is not nearly as cuddly as Owen was, but when he wants to snuggle, oh my gosh, melt my heart.  He will just grab hold and give you the biggest bear hug and then pat your back.  So Cute!  He also gives the sweetest kisses.  He puckers up real big and makes an hmm sound.  

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

4 Months

    Like always, I can't believe how quickly time goes by with a little one.  This month has been inundated with illness and as a result it is hard to remember where the days went.  Although our sweet Beckett was sick for the first and second time this past month, he is still growing and changing.  Here are his latest stats.
  • Beckett is growing so quickly!  He now weighs 18 lbs 2 oz (92%) and is 26 1/4 inches (85%). 
  • Our sweet Beckett got his first cold right after he turned three months old.  He ran a slight fever, which resulted in us taking him into the Dr.  It turned out to be a virus, and it took a few days for our little guy to recover.  The month then continued with a couple more colds.  Poor little guy just couldn't seem to catch a break.  As a result his great sleeping flew out the window, and we have since been getting up with him a few times a night again.  Hopefully, he and I will start getting the sleep we desperately need again soon.
  • Beckett got to go trick-or-treating with his big brother, Owen, for the first time.  He was dressed as a little pumpkin.  He sure was a cutie and many of the neighbors loved seeing him all dressed up.  He was even given a few pieces of candy, which mommy daddy consumed on his behalf.
  • Beckett can sit for just a couple seconds on his own now.  I think his chubbiness helps to prop him up.  He loves to be able to see his toys and us so easily.  I know it will only be a matter of time before he is sitting on his own.  Oh how they grow so quickly!
  • Beckett has rolled over for the first time!  Just like his brother he rolled from tummy to back first.  Our boys really don't like their tummy time!  Luke got to see it for the first time, and I missed it because I turned my back to head into the kitchen.  I had just told Luke that I thought he was close to rolling and we should get the camera.  Luke thought it would take a little more time, and then all of a sudden I hear Luke yelling from the playroom, "he just rolled over!"  I was bummed for myself, but also glad that Luke got to experience a "first" with our little guy.  Since I am the one home with them, it is usually me calling him with the news while he is at work.
  • Beckett is really starting to babble.  He loves it when we "talk" with him and mimic his sounds.  It is almost like he is trying to have a conversation with us!  He also makes sounds when he is frustrated that sound like he is protesting his situation.  Even though he is usually mad when he makes them, it is still so cute.  It is hard not to laugh or smile when he starts his squawking and yelling his protests!
  • Beckett loves to stand! He likes to stand on our laps and often showers us with smiles.  My mom said that I used to love standing as well at that age.  Maybe our little guy gets that from his momma.
  • Beckett is a quite the mamma's boy right now.  It could be that he has been sick so much this past month, but he often wants me especially when he is tired or uncomfortable.  In some ways it is so nice to have your little one want you the most.  I will have to take advantage of this time now, since he will quickly want daddy more once he realizes how much rough and tumble fun he gets to have with big brother and daddy!
  • Beckett has really started to grab at toys and pull them towards him.  As a result everything now goes straight into the mouth.  It is so fun to see how he is starting to take small steps towards independence, but at the same time, I am in no rush for him to grow up very quickly!


Monday, November 5, 2012

3 Months

Oh Beckett, how is it that you are already 3 months old!!!  For some reason, Beckett turning three months really caught me by surprise.  In my mind he stopped getting older at two months, and I just relished the fact that I still had this little newborn to hold and cuddle.  Plus, since Beckett is a bit of a momma's boy, I do tend to get some of the best snuggles out of everyone!  All the evidence though has pointed to the fact that Beckett is in fact getting older and of course bigger.  Oh, how I wish I could freeze these moments when he just wants to snuggle in my arms all day.  I guess writing about them and taking pictures of this cute guy is like a snapshot in time to help me remember.  So for now, here are the latest details about our little/big dude.
  • Beckett is growing at lightening speed.  He now weighs 16 lbs 5 oz.  He is solidly in six month clothes as a result, and it seems that he will be moving into the next size soon.  It is pretty fun having such a rolly-poly little man, but there are time I wish I could keep him small a little longer. 
  • Beckett is a pretty social little guy.  He does not like to be alone, and would much rather have someone doting on him with attention at all times.  It is pretty worth it since the person who is playing with him often gets loads of smiles and giggles now.  He loves it when someone gets right next to him and makes funny faces and sounds. 
  • Beckett is starting to babble and loves to try out new sounds when you talk to him.  It feels like he is actually trying to express his opinion and have a conversation with you.  The little coos of a baby are pretty cute!
  • Becket has finally found his fingers!  The little guy has been working to get his hand in his mouth all month.  We thought he was after his thumb, but it turns out he wanted his pointer and middle finger.  He likes to stick them in his mouth and suck or chew on them.  He is still willing to take his binkie when he is tired, but when he is awake that hand is typically in the mouth.
  • Sleeping issues have been interesting this past month.  I am pleased to report that Beckett is usually a champ at night.  He consistently sleeps 8 hours and for the past two nights he has decided to stretch it out to 10 hours!!!  However, it has been tough at nap time.  His schedule has been a little inconsistent, and there are times when he only wants to sleep for 30-45 minutes at a time.  He would prefer to be held through every nap, but unfortunately I just can't swing that all the time.  Oh well, I am sure we will figure it out, and I wouldn't trade the long stretches at night for longer naps during the day! 
  • He has discovered that he can grab onto things and play with toys now.  It is fun to watch him try to grab the toys around him.  They often end up in his mouth, but he also like to crinkle them if they make sounds.  Owen is starting to "share" toys with Beckett now, although his choices in toys are sometimes questionable.
  • Beckett does not like his car seat at all!  When Owen was a baby, he would pass out asleep every time we put him in the car.  Not so with our little Beckett.  If he is awake, he is usually crying and if it is near nap time he lets us know pretty quickly that his preference is not to fall asleep in the car.  Luke actually mentioned the other day after a 20 minute stretch of screaming in the car that maybe we should just stay home from now on.  Oh, if only that were a real option!
Prepare for some picture craziness, because he is just too cute!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Fun

This year we made our way to Trinity Tree Farm and Pumpkin Patch. Owen had been talking about going for weeks, and I was excited to see his reaction when we finally arrived. Unfortunately, he fell asleep in the car on the way there. We decided to go ahead and let both boys sleep for awhile in their car seats since Owen had been getting over a cold. Luke and his dad stayed in the car while Brittney, Bev and I took a walk around the tree farm portion. As a result I missed Owen's excitement when he woke up. Oh well, it was still a fun day watching him traipse around in his rain boots and exclaim that all the pumpkins were dirty. It took awhile for us to find pumpkins that were clean enough to pass his inspection. He can be such a silly boy. Anyway, here are the pictures from our outing.

Where are the pumpkins!?!
There they are
Found one
Too bad it is dirty
This one will work
Mommy, that one is dirty!
I guess this one will do
Beckett hanging out in the pumpkin patch

 Not quite sure what the fuss is all about
Good day for rain boots!
Playing with his best friend, Avery

Playing in an old school fire truck
Going on a train ride 

Mini pumpkins!
 Checking out Christmas trees
 A few more family pics