Friday, October 15, 2010

5 Months!

For some reason I can't seem to wrap my brain around the fact that Owen is five months old. Where has the time gone! He continues to entertain us daily and is really starting to develop his personality. He is constantly coming up with new sounds and his laughter melts us each time. Oh the joys of parenthood can be so simple. This month has been filled with a few more firsts some of which certainly surprised us.

Here is the latest list:
  • Owen is now 16 lbs 7 ounces. Not quite sure about his length, but he no longer fits into his 6 month Carter's clothes!
  • He is really starting to push himself up, and on a few occasions, has tried to get his knees underneath him. I am not ready for him to crawl yet so it is okay if this takes him some to accomplish.
  • He can sit for a little while by himself now. As a matter of fact, he loves to sit. He can reach his toys, try to eat his feet (still can't get them in his mouth due to his pot-belly tummy), and see us straight on (something he loves). It is truly his new favorite position. Standing though is a close second, laying on his back third, and being on his tummy dead last of course.
  • He loves his toys. He talks to them, chews on them, throws them, and passes them between his hands. Unfortunately, if he wants one of them that he can't quite reach, it often results in a quick and utter fit. If someone helps him get to his toy, he quickly stops the fit and flashes us one of those cute little grins. We hate to admit it, but this new stage of toy frustration has been quite entertaining. It is fun to watch him figure things out. If only we knew what he was thinking!
  • Our little guy has become a bit of a flirt. He smiles at any lady who will awe and coo at him, and the nursery workers at church tell me every week how smiley and happy he is. I even caught him giggling at a blonde lady on TV the other day - and no he doesn't regularly watch TV, even though he would like to.
  • He now has his first and second tooth! Technically the second tooth came in when he was 5 months 3 days old, but before this post, so it is making it onto the update list. This milestone caught us pretty off-guard. He had been a chewing on everything in sight for a while and drooling all over his cloths, but really not that fussy. After a couple nights of unusual sleeping, my mom announced that she could feel his tooth. Within just a couple weeks the second tooth had popped through and we still only suffered through mild fussiness. Now, if he would just stop trying to bite everything with his new teeth, we would be golden : )
  • He had his first cold last week. I had been dreading this from the time he was born, but surprisingly, it wasn't as difficult as expected. He was quite congested which made for a couple nights of rough sleep, but he was such a trooper! He never stopped smiling, even when the cold caused his clogged tear-duct to go crazy! We are pretty blessed with one content little guy. I hated seeing him all stuffed up and not feeling well, but it also gave me another reason to just sit and snuggle him tight all day long :)
  • He likes to take his binkie out of his mouth and put it back in. This is a skill he has been working on for quite some time and just recently accomplished. I caught him chatting to himself at the end of his nap the other day and realized it was his binkie he was talking to. For about five minutes he laid there pulling out the binkie, saying a few babbles, and putting the binkie back in to either chew or suck on it. I wish I would have thought to record his private conversation.
  • The rolling over situation hasn't improved, and as a matter of fact he won't roll either direction right now. The Dr. thinks he may have become a little frightened when he tried to turn once so now we need to help him see that rolling over isn't that scary. That will be quite the task with a little one that doesn't quite like to be on his tummy! Who knows, maybe he will just move straight to crawling and then discover his own motivation. I will keep you posted with a quick remark on Facebook if he finally takes the leap.
  • And the best part of every post - here are the pics. Hope you like!

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