Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Luke and I decided to recruit some family members and head to pumpkin patch on Sunday since Owen and I had missed out on a trip earlier in the week due to his cold. We had heard good things about Spooner Farms and decided to try it out. Little did we know that most of the South Puget Sound would be joining us! The normally 15 minute drive took us almost an hour, but it was worth the wait. Although crowded, we had a great time taking pictures of Owen and enjoying the gorgeous weather. My aunt gave Owen a little pumpkin outfit to wear for Halloween, and since we don't really plan on taking our 5 month old trick-or-treating, I couldn't resist putting him it at the pumpkin patch. We sure thought he was pretty cute so of course we snapped hundreds of pictures. Jennie now calls me his personal paparazzi. Here is the result of our efforts.


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