Monday, June 14, 2010

1 Month Already!

I can't believe Owen is already one month! As most moms can sure attest to, it is amazing how quickly time goes with a newborn. At the same time, it feels like he has always been with us.

Here are Owen's latest accomplishments
  • He now weighs 7 lbs 15 oz (two lbs more than he did at birth).
  • He seems more alert and awake every day.
  • He is becoming a little more independent as well. He likes to have time after he eats to simply lay on his activity mat so that he can kick his legs and wave his arms.
  • He loves to be bounced by his daddy and hugged by mom when he gets sleepy.
  • He has almost outgrown his newborn clothes, and we have started transitioning him into some of his 0-3 months. It will be a little sad to pack up the boxes and start putting some of his tiniest outfits away.

A lot has changed for Luke and I as well. Now that we are no longer carpooling, Luke has started taking public transporation to and from work. He especailly loves the time he has to read and relax instead of fighting the traffic. On my end, I have decided stay home with Owen next year rather than return to my teaching position at Seattle Christain. I will absolutely miss the students, my coworkers, and being in the classroom full time, but I am excited about this new adventure and the time I will have with Owen. Hopefully, I will have a little more time for blogging as well :)

And finally, here are the pictures of our growing boy. Hope you enjoy!

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