Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Welcome to the family Owen Reid Walker

Owen is finally here! Luke and I can't seem to get enough of him. It has been hard keeping track of time ever since we left for the hospital last Thursday night. His delivery was quite an adventure. After my water broke, I spent thirteen hours in labor. During the last six hours, Owen's heart rate on the fetal monitor was a bit inconsistent which eventually led the Doctor's to the decision that a C-section was needed. It was a fast transition into the OR and by 12:47 our little boy was here. Owen had a little trouble getting enough oxygen after birth. He had some fluid in his lungs that he needed to cough up. But with some TLC from the nurses he began to cry rather loudly and was released from the NICU in under 30 mins. It turns out that his cord had been wrapped once around the neck and then bunched up near his shoulder creating a few kinks. As a result, every time I had a contraction it put pressure on his cord which slowed down his heart rate and tuckered him out a little more. Both of us are home now and doing well. Here are a few pictures from the last few days for you to enjoy.

Our First Family Photo

This is one of our favorites

Seeing you for the first time

Going home

3 days old

4 days old


The Finch's said...

Congratulations Luke and Kendra and welcome to the world Owen!!! I am so excited for you three!!! Very handsome boy Kendra!!!

Kari said...

congrats! he's a beautiful little boy. enjoy every moment, it flys by! i can't believe our little man is already 6 weeks!

Julie A said...

Congratulations! He is adorable. What a joy!

PS. Danny still talks about how great of a soccer player you were! He thought that you were one of the best female defenders he had ever seen.

Bryan Foreman said...

Hey Guys Conratulations! He is beautiful. Welcome little owen to this great big world. Hope you all are well and enjoy him. He will grow up really fast. Make sure you guys sleep when he sleep to revitalize yourselves.