Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wedding Season

The wedding season has begun, and Luke and I have already been to three weddings. The first wedding was for a couple from my home church in Yakima. The second was for Kelee Wall a good friend from college and work. The third was for Paige Kuske my long time college roommate, soccer buddy, and Oxford companion. It was wonderful to be a part of all these weddings and watch friends enter into the next stage of their life. Below our some pictures from Kelee and Paige's wedding.

The beautiful bride and handsome groom

Joanna (Paige's long time friend from Junior high), Suanna (Dave's sister), me, and Laura (Dave's sister) posing before the amazing view.

Paige and the bridesmaids - showing off her garter

Dave and the bridesmaids

The rehearsal dinner - high tea one of my favorites

The rehearsal - always great fun

Soccer girls at Kel's wedding


Jen Green said...

Hi Kendra,
Paige is married? I always knew there was something about "Dave". Where did she get married? Something about the pics looks really familiar. Congrats to her. You look great too! Hope all is well with you and Luke!

The Walkers said...

Jen - Paige finally took the leap. It was so beautiful and she was extremely excited. The wedding was at Scenic Beach near Seabeck. It overlooked the water and was very simple. They are now on their way back to Minnesota for the next five years while Dave finishes up his MD/PHD program.

Daniel said...

What a beautiful outdoor wedding!!