Friday, July 20, 2007

Double Layer Chocolate Cake

Rarely do I try my hand at baking, but the other night I was feeling eager to make a double layer chocolate cake. Thanks to cake mixes straight out of the box and store bought frosting the cake turned out okay. I guess next time I will have to break out a real old fashioned cookbook and try something from scratch. Who knows - that would take quite a bit of courage since I tend to destroy most baked goods. However, in the end this prepackaged cake was both edible and delicious.

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KA said...

Kendra, hey, there is nothing wrong with cake mix, eggs, and milk....nothing at all. :) it looks delicious to me!
but yes, you should try a fresh peach pie. TO DIE FOr!. We took that pie to dinner with some friends (i was in charge of desert) and lo and behold, we dropped it in the car, it slid off the dash board while i was turned around helping colson get buckled in! so we had scrambled peach pie, it was quite funny. From scratch or not, if it tastes delicious what more can you ask for? haha.