Thursday, July 19, 2007


Amy - here is the post you have been waiting for. Although none of the rooms are quite finished, this will give you an idea of what they look like now and our plans for the future. Hope you like it. We will post more pics as we add to these rooms and finish off others. Any decorating tips you may have would be great as well!
Kitchen and Dining Room before we moved in

Kitchen After
We are thinking of going over the yellow with a brown glaze to give the kitchen a rustic look. We are also looking out for some great artwork to hang that captures a Tuscan feel.

Living room before we moved in

Living Room After
After a winter of dark paint, I really needed to lighten up the room.

This is the cabinet, shelving, and TV niche my dad built. It still needs a second coat of paint on the shelving and cabinet.

This is the color scheme we are going for in the living room. Beneath the pillow are the curtains we plan on hanging as soon as we find curtain rods. Any suggestions on where to find a great set?

Bedroom and Bathroom taken before we moved in

Bedroom and Bathroom After

We plan on putting up some art above the bed, once we find a painting we can't live without. Right now I kind of have my eye on a canvas piece at Ikea.


locallegend said...

Great pictures. Whoever did the painting sure knew what they were doing.

Daniel said...

You have such good taste!!! I really like all your color schemes!