Monday, October 29, 2012

Our 2 Month Old

On my 32nd birthday, our sweet Beckett turned two months old.  Due to his size it is hard to imagine that he is only two months, plus it feels like he has always been here with us.  This past month has been quite a joy since our big boy is becoming more interactive and staying awake for longer periods after each feeding.  Here are some of the fun facts about his latest month.
  • Beckett weighs 14 lbs 6 oz (93%) and is 23.25 inches (60%). 
  • It is no surprise by Beckett's weight gain that he is growing quickly.  He moved from 3 month pjs into 6 months at just 6 weeks old.  He has now mostly outgrown his 3 month clothes and we are starting to transition to 6 months for his outfits as well.  And most surprising to us, he is now in size three diapers!  WHAT!?!  Sigh, he is growing up too fast!  I was in total denial on the last one.  You should have seen me trying to get size 1-2's on my little chubster.  My sister started laughing when she saw me.  It is no wonder that he has peed out of so many diapers this last week. 
  • He loves to smile! After every feeding, we spend some time getting this little guy to flash huge grins.  He loves it when people talk to him, play games, and make funny sounds.  His smile is huge, and you can't help but grin back.
  • Not only does Beckett love to smile, but he is also starting to giggle.  You should see us crazy parents trying to get even the slightest giggle out of him.  There is no shame in this house, we will do anything for baby giggles!  It is just the sweetest sound, and we feel such great success when we have worked so hard to get them. 
  • He has stretched out his feedings at night which sure helps with the tiredness.  He goes 6 to 7 hours between feedings almost every night, and has even slept 8 hours once.  I hope the 8 hour stretches start taking place a little more often.
  • He is starting to bat at things and often likes to hold onto my hair or shirt when he is nursing or being cuddled.  It sure is cute when he grabs a fist full of hair and nuzzles in close to snuggle.
  • He is really starting to pay attention to what is going on around him.  We often catch him watching his super active brother as he romps around the room singing songs and playing with toys.
  • Our little guy is a total binkie boy right now.  As a matter of fact, we gave him a binkie just three days after he was born, because he wanted to suck on something sooo badly.  However, he is really working hard to get his thumb/fingers in his mouth.  Luke and I think he might give up the binkie once his coordination improves just a bit, and he discovers that his hand it always available.  I guess we will just have to wait and see.
  • Owen is doing a great job as big brother.  He is still giving Beckett lots of kisses and often wants to do things with him.  We still have to give him some reminders that Beckett is pretty small, and he needs to be gentle at all times, but for the most part Owen is pretty soft and kind with him.  It is pretty precious when Beckett starts crying and Owen runs to go check on him to see if he needs his binkie. 
Here are the pics of our cutie being serious
Playing with his tongue

And best of all, smiling

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