Thursday, June 21, 2012

As if having a baby was not enough change . . .

We have decided to go ahead and throw moving into the mix!  I have joked with people that I have taken nesting to the extreme, but in reality we have been talking about this move for awhile now.  We knew when Owen was born that we were quickly outgrowing our two-bedroom townhouse, but we loved our neighborhood, and we weren't really in a rush to relocate.  We discussed simply buying a house down here, but the reality is that Luke's work is north and our ultimate desire was to shorten his commute.  We checked out several locations and settled on Fairwood as the next place for us to buy.  We started looking in March/April with a deadline of May 31st to find something or else we were going to put off purchasing until summer 2013.  As time was starting to run out, a house we had been watching dropped its price, and we decided to jump on it.  We put in an offer an offer on May 20th, and on the 21st we accepted the sellers counteroffer.  That began 30 days of craziness for us! 
Right after we put in an offer, Luke had to fly down to Oklahoma for a week of work.  We spent quite a bit of time faxing paperwork back and forth and working on finding a time to get the inspection done.  The inspection took place the following weekend and resulted in a week of negotiations over some of the items we wanted to see dealt with in the house. In addition to all of this, we had decided to keep our townhouse as a rental.  Once we had the negotiations worked out on the new purchase, we decided it was time to list the townhouse on Craigslist.  Within three days we had four appointments scheduled for people who wanted to see it, and by the end of that week we had a signed lease agreement with a tenant that was excited about moving in July 1st.  Since then, we have been packing, cleaning, and preparing for our move.  Needless to say we are tired and have learned a lot about rentals and purchasing a new home in just a mere 30 days!  Thank you to everyone who has listened to our questions, offered advice, and helped us get this place ready!  Tomorrow is our official close date on the new house and we should be getting our keys in the afternoon.  This weekend we are moving, and we plan to finish up the final painting and projects on the townhouse over the next week before our tenant moves in the following weekend.  Since I can't seem to write a post without a picture, here is one of the home we are saying goodbye to and the one that we are excited to be moving into!

Here is a picture of our townhouse.  It is certainly bittersweet to leave it behind.  I am glad we still get to claim it as ours even though we won't be the ones living there.

Here is a picture of our new house in Fairwood.  We had wanted an older home that had been updated but still had room for us to add our own touches.  This house really is the perfect fit.  It has lots of room for us to grow, some great updates on the inside, and also lots of areas where we can get in there and change things to make it our own.  Granted all these changes will take time and certainly happen after baby boy #2 arrives!

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