Tuesday, April 24, 2012

San Diego: Our last day

We had one objective for our last day in San Diego: keep Owen awake until we boarded the plane at 3:00 pm!  After our crazy flight down, we were hoping to get him to sleep for the entire flight home.  His usual nap starts around 2:00 and while we were in San Diego he often fell asleep by 12:30.  We knew it would be tough keeping him awake, but we were determined.
After we were all packed up, we decided to load the car and head to Seaport Village with our remaining time.  It was a great way to spend an hour or so.  We strolled around, looked at the aircraft carrier, and statues, and then walked around near the shops before we bought a lemonade and left.  We had just enough time to drop Bekah back at her house, get gas, and turn in the rental car.  I got hungry before we dropped off the car and we decided to grab something quick for me to eat.  While I was grabbing some food, I left Owen and Luke in the car with strict instructions to keep him awake.  By the time I got back out, Luke was looking up directions to Alamo on my phone, and Owen was passed out in the backseat.  We went ahead and woke him up, and then listened to him cry for the rest of the drive.  We managed to keep him awake while we waited for the plane and then boarded without any trouble.  Just as we were about to take off, Owen crashed in my arms.  He slept the ENTIRE way to Seattle and woke up as we taxied to the gate.  It was glorious!  Here are the last few pictures we took with my phone from our trip.  It was hard to say goodbye to Bekah, but we are definitely excited for when we get to take two little boys down for our next visit!

This is what we returned home to!

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