Tuesday, April 24, 2012

San Diego: La Jolla and Tommy's

Since we had such a late night on Saturday, we decided to keep Sunday pretty low key. Luke and Bekah let me sleep in while they got up with Owen. Then I took a turn with Owen while Luke took a quick nap. Bekah is pretty hard core and didn't take a nap at all. I can only hope she caught up on sleep after we left.
We had left the ER the night before with a prescription in hand, and it was decided that Luke and I would venture out to run the errands (my phone was also out of commission), while Bekah hung out at home with Owen and got ready for a scholarship interview she had later that day. I dropped Luke at the Verizon store with my phone so he could figure out what was wrong with it (I am not a fan of technology), and I took his phone and left to find the pharmacy.
I tried Target first, because they were the closest, only to find out they didn't carry the medicine the Dr. had prescribed at all. They directed me towards a Walgreens. When I got there, the pharmacist said not only do they not carry it, he was pretty sure that prescription was discontinued for kids a little while back. He said the last time he had a customer looking for it he was able to find some at CVS. The pharmacist graciously called over to the CVS and the clerk said they did have some in stock.  Yay!  I drove over to CVS, told them I had just come from Walgreens, and handed over my prescription. To my surprise the pharmacist said they didn't carry that medicine any longer. The clerk who had answered the phone overhead us talking and apologized. She had the medicine confused with something else.
Fortunately all three pharmacies were within a mile of each other so I hadn't gone to far out of my way hunting down medicine that didn't exist, but I was still a little frustrated that I couldn't get what I needed to help my baby with his rash. The pharmacist said to keep up with the Benadryl and call my pediatrician when I got home to see if they wanted to prescribe something else. Since we were leaving the next day, it didn't make sense to try and special order anything. I went back to Verizon to pick up Luke, only to find out he was still dealing with my phone issue. What was supposed to be a quick 30-45 minutes of errands had turned into an hour and half.  Bekah had to leave for her interview shortly, so I left Luke there to figure things out and went back to pick up Owen.
Needless to say, the running around ate up most of our day, and when Bekah got home, it was already after three. We decided to make a quick trip to La Jolla so we could see the seals resting on the rocks, and then we were going to head over to Tommy's for a yummy burrito. La Jolla was a perfect way to end our day. We took a nice walk along the coast, got some great pictures, and saw the beginning of the sunset. We then drove over to Tommy's picked up dinner and went back to Bekah's to eat.  Overall, Sunday turned out to be a pretty quiet day, despite all the craziness with my phone and the prescription.

* For those who are wondering, we did touch base with our pediatrician when we got back home. Since it had been a couple days since our ER visit, and Owen appeared to be improving, he decided to just have us continue with Benadryl until the major symptoms were gone. 

Here are the pictures from our trip to La Jolla.

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