Friday, December 2, 2011

18 Months (We are running a bit late around here)

  • Owen is now 32 3/4 inches tall (70th percentile), and 23 lbs 12 oz. (25th percentile).
  • Owen is a climbing, jumping, running machine! He loves to do agility drills with his daddy and Grandpa Walker. He also did his first somersault over Thanksgiving break unassisted. I think it was a bit of a one time fluke, but he was so proud of himself when he finally accomplished it! He has been trying to do it on his own for a few weeks now.
  • Owen is now in a big boy bed! He started climbing out of his crib shortly after he turned 17 months. Luke and I were shocked and unprepared for the transition. We tried for a few days to keep him in his crib, but our efforts proved futile. So, we finally went out and bought him a toddler bed. He was so proud of his new bed, and the fact that he could crawl into it all by himself! We were surprised at how quickly he adjusted to his new surroundings. It was tough getting him to fall asleep the first few nights, but the transition went rather quickly and now he sleeps in his big bed like a champ. It is a huge reminder that my baby is growing up quickly!
  • Now that Owen is in a toddler bed, we are learning more about his sleeping likes and dislikes. For instance, Owen loves to sleep with as many blankets and stuffed animals as possible. During one of his nap times he decided to first walk around the room, find all his stuffed animals, pull down his stash of blankets, and then pile every single item onto his bed. He then found a perfect spot to sleep amid the chaos. He now regularly sleeps with two to three blankets, a couple "babies", and the occasional toy. When he wakes up, EVERY item usually needs come with him downstairs. It is quite the spectacle. One time he had grabbed a clean washcloth from the linen closet and refused to leave the room after his nap until he was holding it as well. Such a silly guy, but we sure do love him!
  • Owen's imagination is also really expanding. It is been a joy to watch him start to play make-believe with his toys, placing them on this push toys and giving them a ride, putting them to bed, feeding them food, and occasionally trying to give them a diaper change. He is also much more specific about what he wants to do when he plays. No longer is he easy to distract when he is getting into something he shouldn't.
  • In addition to his growing imagination, Owen's vocabulary is also developing. He loves to mimic and it seems that every week he is adding at least a new word and sometimes several to his list.

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