Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

Wow, what a contrast to last year! Last year, Owen would sit by the little pumpkins looking all cute, smiling on cue, and obeying every little word. At least that is how I remembered it :) Here is a picture to remind you.
Well, now he is a toddler, and we decided to try out the Pumpkin Patch during nap time. We must be first time parents! Oh wait, we are! Well, he did great for the first half of the day. Actually, he LOVED it. He was outside, in the dirt, going down slides, playing with balls, looking at animals, and oohing an awing at the BIG tractor while we waited our turn for a ride. Things started to turn south when it was time to pick out pumpkins. The whole purpose for the visit! We had waited just a bit to long. Needless to say, very few pictures after that moment captured our cute little guy with his beaming smile. He wanted to do his own thing and that didn't involve posing for his mamma near any pumpkins. We had also hoped to keep on with the tradition of Owen wearing his costume. We only got half of it on and then he refused to pull up the hood. In case you are wondering, he is supposed to be a cow. Although the second half of the trip was a little rough, we did have a great time with family, and we learned a few things. Most importantly, START with the pumpkins so this mamma can get her memories captured in pictures! Well, here is the proof. Enjoy!

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