Saturday, June 14, 2008

New Bike!

Last summer we purchased a road bike for Luke so he could commute to work, saving both time sitting in traffic and money on gas. We figured eventually the bike would pay for itself through the savings. All summer I was jealous and sad that we could not go on weekend bike rides together. Therefore, Luke and I decided to buy my birthday present a little early this year (My birthday is in September), so that we would not miss on the summer biking season. We started looking for bikes Memorial Day weekend and by the end of the weekend we settled on this beginner road bike. We even took it out the day we bought it for a quick ride. Today we are off to go on a family bike ride with Luke's parents and sister. I am sure we will have a great time. . Here is a quick picture of my bike off the Internet. I hope to have some of me actually riding the bike soon.

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KA said...

I hope that not only will there be pictures of you riding the bike, but that you'll be wearing awesome florescent, fitted, bike gear. Let's go with greens and pinks, big and bright!
i'm impressed that it took you only a season to update your blog. nerd. haha, just kidding.