Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Break

This break has been rather interesting. I usually look forward to this break as a time when I can break out my shorts and t-shirts and enjoy the new sun and fresh air. However, this break brought a completely opposite occurrence - SNOW. It snowed not just one day but two. I couldn't believe my eyes on Wednesday when driving home the thick rain turned to white flakes. As I continued to drive, the snow only became more intense and it continued through the evening. By the end we had almost two inches of snow at our house which lasted through the next morning. Once again, to my dismay, we had snow on Friday. This time however the snow was wet and slushy. It stuck just slightly to the grass but never to the roads.

Although the snowfall kept me from breaking out the shorts and t-shirts, it didn't keep from redecorating the kitchen. In fact it only encouraged me to stay warm in my cozy house and paint all day Wednesday and Thursday (with the exception of a few Home Depot trips). The redecorating started a few weeks ago when my dad came and installed new marble tile counter tops in the kitchen and bathrooms. We then decided that we wanted to repaint the kitchen and try out a suede technique by Ralph Lauren. Now that the project is finished, I have a few pictures of the redecorating process to share with you.
Before Pictures

After Pictures


Fresh-Brewed Life said...

It's beautiful, elegant, and sophisticated! :)

Amy Alexander said...

Wow! The paint and the countertops look phenominal! Suede texture is SO hard to paint and you guys did a wonderful job! I am looking forward to seeing all of this in August!

Julie A said...

Hey Kendra,
Thanks for your comment. How are you doing. Danny talks about you from time to time. He always says that you were an amazing soccer player. And one of the best at Western. The new kitchen looks great. We painted one of our walls with Raulph Lauren Suede and we love it!! I just started a blog a couple days ago. Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

I love the new paint color! We are in the midst of huge remodel that has taken a VERY VERY VERY long time. When it is all done I will post pics, but until then I will smile at your new beautiful kitchen. I hope you are doing well~Michelle Wagner