Saturday, September 8, 2007

Road Trip: Lennox, South Dakota

The purpose of this road trip was to go and meet Luke's relatives out in South Dakota. After being together for 8 years, I finally had the chance to meet Luke's Grandma Ruth, Uncle Steve, Aunt LouAnn, and cousins Kyle and Justin. We had a great time on the farm visiting and making trips into the small town of Lennox. I even had the chance to drive a tractor while I was there. Here are some pictures from the trip.
Welcome to the farm!
The farm house was built in 1918, and Luke's grandma has lived there for 60 years. The house was originally built by Luke's great-grandpa.
Family picture with the Walker's and Luke's Grandma
Picture with Luke's Uncle Steve, Aunt LouAnn, Kyle, and Justin
A little painting farm style
LouAnn's weekly concert in the park
Here I am learning to drive the tractor
This was taken just after Luke's Uncle Steve abandoned me!
Here is Uncle Steve proudly walking away
Luke finally jumped in and taught me how to park.
I was a little calmer when this was taken.

I was glad to be back on safe ground.
Luke's Uncle Steve farms both soy beans and corn.
Here is a shot of the soy beans at dusk.

Bekah walking towards the farm after the boys threw a water balloon at her
Luke in front of the old barn.
Kyle with his dog sparky driving around in his Ranger.
Justin hanging out at Grandma's house.Bekah, Luke, and I in front of the Sioux Falls

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KA said...

wow, you guys are travelling fools. You should travel to Moscow, ID....(heart of the arts....LOL)!
love the last pic you posted where luke is kissing your cheek.