Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Yellowstone Part 3: Upper Geyser Basin / Old Faithful

To finish off our day in Yellowstone we stopped by the Upper Geyser Basin and Old Faithful. We choose to walk around the Upper Geyser Basin so we could see the paint pots. The paint pots are holes that have bubbling, in some case bursting, mud coming out. In addition to the paint pots, we also saw a couple of pools that are filled with this pristine blue water. When we finally made it down to Old Faithful, we had to wait an hour to watch her blow. Since it had started to rain during our wait, we decided Old Faithful we would be our last stop of the day.

Old Faithful before it goes off
Old Faithful during the show.

Pictures from the Upper Geyser Basin

These are some of the paint pots.

This is one of the pools we saw.

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Amy Alexander said...

It would have been fun to join ya'll on this vacation!