Tuesday, March 13, 2012

San Diego Adventures: Flight and Seaworld

Posts about our San Diego trip will have to come in stages because our time was packed with great fun and adventure. Plus I have a busy toddler at home so finding time to sit down and blog is pretty scarce.
I was incredibly nervous about the flight since we had not been on a plane with Owen since he was about 3 months old. I wish I could report that our flight went smoothly with few issues, but unfortunately that just wasn't the case for us on the way there. Owen is a very active toddler, and it was evident from the start that he wanted to roam around the tiny ground space available on the plane. He didn't like be confined to our laps and very few of the toys, stickers, games, etc. I brought with me entertained him. Yet, we made it to San Diego in one piece, and I am sure we will do it again because Aunt Bekah lives there now and we can't go very long without seeing her!
Our first full day was spent at the Seaworld. Bekah's roommate Lisa works in one of the aquarium's and graciously offered to take us around the back areas for some close up views of the animals. Owen may not remember the experience when is older, but we have the pictures and videos to show him what a great day it was.
Our first stop was to the dolphins. I am not sure what it is about dolphins but they are magical. I just love them! During our visit we got to feed, pet, and play with them. Since this was our first stop of the day, Owen wasn't quite sure how to handles such a large creature so close to him. He was definitely fascinated, but not really ready to touch or feed them. I was a little bummed he didn't want to get closer, but it was still fun to watch him be so intrigued.
Lisa then took us over to the aquarium where she works. The highlight here was meeting the octopus. I had never touched an octopus or really been close to one. It was kind of crazy to feel the suction on my hands. Owen did reach out to touch it once and that was plenty for him. He didn't seem to really like how slimy it was. Again, he mostly watched intently as we fed and interacted with this strange looking animal.
Our last main stop with Lisa was the sea turtles. This was by far Owen's favorite part from the behind the scenes tour. He loved throwing lettuce to the turtles and watching them swim over to eat it. I think he felt he was a safe distance away from them and he didn't need to touch anything that was slimy. We posted a couple videos to Facebook if you would like to check them out.
After the backstage tour, we let Owen burn off a little energy in the kids area, ate lunch and tried to catch a few shows. We saw the Sea Lions, Pets, and Shamu show. Owen was pretty tired during the Sea lion show and we had to sit pretty high up since we were late so he didn't seem to be interested, but Luke, Bekah and I enjoyed it. He LOVED the Pets and Shamu show and for a few days after our Seaworld adventure he asked to see Shamu again.
We also took some time to wander around some of the aquariums and exhibits. Owen's favorites included the Walrus, Beluga whales, and Sea turtles. Essentially he loved everything that had an underwater view and a ledge to climb on. It was a long day for a toddler, 10 - 4:30, with only a short nap in the stroller, but it was worth it and we were thankful that Bekah had some connections to make the day so special.
I only have a few pictures from the day but lots of video. When Luke gets some time to edit the videos, I will have him add them to our blog.

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