Thursday, August 25, 2011

Life with our toddler

Oh, how life has changed now that Owen is 15 months. It is amazing how his personality, curiosity, and determination have come alive in the last three months. Luke and I have enjoyed every minute with this little guy. Here is a quick picture of how life is going with our little toddler:
  • Owen is now 22 lbs 8 oz. He is still gaining slowly, but since his activity has shot through the roof I am not all that surprised.
  • Owen LOVES to climb. He has learned to pull his shorter toys over to the furniture to use as a step stool in order to get to greater heights. He has climbed into our friends high chair all on his own, and he has even grabbed onto the handle of the stove and tried to use his feet to climb to the top. The last one was quite startling and has tested our parenting skills as we try to teach him that the stove is dangerous.
  • Owen has really improved his vocabulary both with sign and speaking. He regularly signs milk, please, eat, and all done. He has also signed thank you, but not very often. However, what Owen wants to do most is communicate by speaking. His list of words include: daddy, doggie, bye, hi, mamma, shoe, tree, bush, cheese, ball, this, that, out, book, two, and up. It amazes me how often he tries to mimic what we say. He is close to saying A, B, C, and we have caught him a few times trying to sing the alphabet song in his own baby language. He also tries to count 1, 2, 3, but just like the alphabet song only the number two is very articulate.
  • Owen still loves people. He freely gives hugs and is now starting to give kisses. When we are on Skype, he will blow a kiss and wave goodbye at the end of a conversation. It is fun to watch him be social and interact with people around him. He especially loves playing with other kids and wants to be right in the middle of the action whenever people are playing near him.
  • He absolutely loves the outdoors. This kid would live outside if we let him! It is not long after he gets up everyday that he starts asking to go outside. If he doesn't like our answer, he often grabs our hand and tries to pull us toward the door. If that doesn't work, he walks behind us and tries pushing our legs. Poor guy probably thinks mommy and daddy aren't very good listeners. He was in heaven when we took him camping earlier this summer, because we spent every waking moment outside of the tent. He had hours of fun playing in dirt, throwing his ball, and marching around in the woods. He also loves to watch for planes whenever we are outside. As soon as he hears the sound of a plane overhead, he point to the sky and looks around rapidly until he finds it. Once he sees it, he wants everyone around him to look and throws his hands to his head in amazement. Needless to say, we have quite a character on our hands.
  • Owen is becoming rather clever. He is constantly trying to find ways to get what he wants when he knows the answer will be no. For instance, he loves to play with the light on the refrigerator door (he pretty much loves pushing any button), however, he knows I will not sit and hold the door open for him. So whenever he wants to push the button he signs for his milk, and follows me to the refrigerator. When I open the door, he quickly walks in front of me and starts pushing the button. Then, when I try to hand him his milk, he will push it away.
  • Owen has his first best friend. He absolutely adores our friend's daughter, Avery. I have been watching her two days a week lately, and he just beams whenever she comes in the door. The play really well together, and Owen frequently showers her with hugs.
  • Owen loves spending time with his3 month old cousin, Annorah. He is completely fascinated with her. Whenever we are visiting, he continually checks on with her and gently leans his cheek close to hers. If she starts crying, he feels the need to make sure she is really okay. He hasn't quite figured out that she can't play catch with him or hold his toys, but I am sure those days are coming soon.
I might be biased, but I am pretty sure this little guy is the cutest!

Owen has spotted a plane!

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bekah said...

Great expressions! way to capture the moments both in words and pictures!
love ya!