Tuesday, February 8, 2011

One of those days

Some days (and nights) are really hard. For instance, last night my little angle decided to wake up at 11 pm and stay awake until 2:30 am. To make it just a tad more challenging he cried for all but 30 minutes during that 3 and 1/2 hour marathon. As I watched the minutes pass by, I knew that I would be exhausted today. I kept holding onto the hope that maybe he would nap well since he slept terribly. Oh no. . . it has been one of those days. He skipped his morning nap (well cried through it), then I accidentally woke him during his afternoon nap. Believe me it was a very sad moment when I made a noise upstairs and then heard him start crying on the other side of the door. In all, he has slept for 30 minutes today. Needless to say, the kitchen is still a mess, the laundry is still folded in the baskets upstairs, and my sweet little guy has left a trail of toys through the living room. I am not sure how much of that will change before I crash tonight.

But . . . then there are moments like these

. . . and I find that the exhaustion and frustration just seem to melt away. I mean just look at that cute face!

* And yes, I took pictures today of my super cute boy instead of putting away the laundry :)

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Jeremy said...

Sorry ya'll couldn't make it to the Super Bowl. Let us know when you can bring that little booger over and we'll chill. Keep up the great pictures and try not to make him look like Luke so much. ;)