Monday, December 7, 2009


Yesterday marked 17 weeks of pregnancy. At this stage of the pregnancy, I have lots to be excited about.

1. I am on my 6th day of no morning sickness!
2. I had another Dr. appointment today where we celebrated that I have stopped losing weight and have gained just over a pound. Given how sick I was for a couple months, I am thrilled to have turned the corner.
3. Luke and I got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. At our 12 week appointment the baby wasn't cooperating, and we couldn't hear it. As a result they sent us to have an ultrasound. Although we loved getting to see our little baby wiggle around on the screen, we have also been anxiously waiting to hear the heartbeat.

And finally, for all of those who are interested in my expanding waistline, here is the latest belly shot.


Officer said...

you are adorable! yay for no more morning sickness!

Anonymous said...

Super cute Kendra!! :)

Kari said...

glad you have no more morning sickness, pumped you heard the heartbeat, and so excited to watch you grow...and grow and grow. :)

Amy Alexander said...

This little update makes me so happy! Keep em coming!