Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Past Year!

I can't believe it has been a year since my last post! Here is a quick run down of where we have been.

School: I finished my fifth year of teaching at SCS. I can't believe how quickly it went. Luke is one quarter away from finishing his Masters at USC! Come December he will have a lot more free time on his hands : ). Sorry no pictures to post for this one, but in December and I will have a picture of Luke with his diploma!

Weddings: We have celebrated the marriage of several friends over the past year, but none were more special and beautiful than my sister's wedding. If you have ever met Jennie, you know she is stunning and elegant, and that is exactly how I would describe her wedding. Her new husband Chris is the perfect addition to our family, and we couldn't be more thrilled to watch the two of them grow in this new marriage.
A picture with my cousins on my mom's side
The ceremony
Jennie and Chris

Anniversaries: On the 31st of July Luke and I celebrated 5 years of marriage! I am so blessed to have him as my best friend and husband. We had always talked about a trip to Europe for our 5th anniversary, but with him in school, we needed to stay a little closer to home. We first started planning a trip to Victoria, which then became San Francisco, and finally turned into Hawaii. Neither of us had ever been, and once we had the idea in our heads we couldn't let it go.
We started our vacation in Oahu right across from Waikiki beach. It was upbeat, fun, and exciting. We spent the next day at Pearl Harbor. We toured the Arizona Memorial, Bowfin Submarine, and Battleship Missouri. Although you have to pay to tour the Bowfin and Missouri, it is well worth the money. Luke and I spent most of the day (7:30 - 3:30) touring these sites, and it was certainly one of the highlights of our trip.

After out short stint in Oahu, Luke and I caught an early flight to Maui for 5 days. It was a stark contrast from the bustling area of Waikiki, but we soon fell in the love with the slower pace and friendly atmosphere of Kihei. While in Maui we enjoyed snorkeling, swimming in a waterfall, eating fruit with locals at the Boat that Don't Float (you will have to ask me about it later), attending a Laua, and trying our hand at surfing. We also spent plenty of time sunbathing on the beach and playing in the ocean.

Waikiki Beach
Luke and I on the Missouri
On the Bowfin
Sunset in Oahu
Luke in Waikiki
Luke at I at Ho'okipa Lookout
Swimming at Twin Falls
Cliff jumping
On the snorkeling boat
This picture is a little out of order. It is of Luke and I at sunset in Waikiki.
Big Beach
Learning to surf

At the Laua
Until next time!


The Finch's said...

You are so gorgeous Kendra!!! Are you and Luke going to be able to make it down for the alumni game on the 22nd? I hope so!!!! Thanks for the update! I can't believe it has been 5 years for you two! I remember your wedding day! =) Hope to see you soon.

rwalk said...

It doesn't get much better than this! Look like you had a great time. No ill effects from the sunburn, Luke?

bekah said...

You really should blog more...love the post!

Amy Alexander said...

FINALLY! I am so glad to see a new blog post on here! Great update and wonderful pics!

Amy Alexander said...

FINALLY! I am so glad to see a new blog post on here! Great update and wonderful pics!

Officer said...

I love the update Kendra. MMMM Hawaii....so glad you got to experience it's beauty! I can't wait to go back :) Maybe I'll see you at the alumni game?? Miss you!

Anonymous said...

I thought you dropped the blogging thing for good! I am so glad you jumped back on the bandwagon! :) HOpe life is blessed in the Walker household. Michelle