Friday, June 1, 2007

The Beginnings

I am feeling a little proud today as I take one more brave step into the world of technology. I have to admit that I never thought I would become a blogger. However, as I am wrapping up my third year of teaching, I felt this may be a way for me to journal some thoughts and update those who are interested about the daily life adventures of Luke and me. I have to say, I am somewhat of a commitment phobic with all things related to continual updates and monitoring. But I am determined to give this at try.

Where to begin . . . Luke and I have been living the suburbia life in South Auburn for about 10 months now, which happens to be as far away from the noise and constant commotion of a commuter neighborhood as we could get. I have found since we moved to an area with slightly more space and greenery that I feel an even deeper calling to run away from the hustle and bustle of city life. I guess I always pictured myself as an adaptable person. Yet, at the end of our two year stay in Renton, I was eager to pack it up and head for the hills. Auburn is still not country living, but its one step closer to the slower pace of life I was used to growing up. Unfortunately, our jobs keep us harnessed to the city by some degree. Regardless, I am enjoying our townhouse, the view of Mt. Rainer, the running trails, the four block walk to Starbucks, and the fact the we have found a great church just 10 minutes away. I guess overall a piece of calmness has returned to my life that I felt was missing in our tiny 740 sq ft. apartment just blocks from 405 in Renton. Who knows, now that domesticity seems to be slightly more appealing, maybe kids are closer than the 30 year age limit we originally set for ourselves. I guess will just have to see what the new found love of neighborhood living does to our slightly chaotic and over-scheduled lives. We will have to keep you updated. Until then, here are a few pictures of our almost three years of martial bliss - which I must say has been the most exciting adventure yet. I highly recommend it!

The Wedding Rehearsal - I just love Luke's expressions!

Christmas at Grandma Gail's - Breaking open the Jelly Bellys

Rick's 50th Birthday Party - I am sure Luke was up to something!

Hiking up near Lake Kachess - God's creation is amazing

Jennie's graduation from Nursing School

The Georgia Aquarium

Trip to Minnesota

Luke and I in Washington DC

Our 1st Christmas at our new place - Picture with the Walkers

Christmas picture with the Maissens


lukewa said...

Wow, Great blog. I love the pictures!

KA said...

Yay, this is most exciting Kendra! haha. I loved looking at the pics and reading an update, as impersonal as it is, it's better than nothing right? so count this as an urging on of sorts in your pursuing the blogosphering world.